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Double Down Around Goose Down Filled Pillows

This Double Down Around Pillow doffers a unique pillow-in-pillow design. The interior pillow, filled with hyperclean duck feathers, provides resilient support while the outer pillow, filled with fluffy 550-fill power duck down, gives fluffy comfort. All of this is wrapped up in 100 % cotton, 300-thread count AllerRest Fabric®.

Down Around Pillow
Double Down Around Goose Down Pillow


Down Chamber Goose Down Pillows

This patented design combines the softness and adjustability of 550 fill power White Goose Down with the support you need in a down pillow. An internal sleeve concentrates down for enhanced support through the heart of the pillow.

Down Chamber Pillow
Down Chamber Goose Down Pillow


Eurofeather Down Pillow

The Eurofeather® pillow is made with 230 thread count 100% cotton barrier weave which is specially woven to prevent feathers from sneaking out. Eurofeathers are small and soft tightly curled white goose down feathers that combine the soft down-like comfort with the natural spring of a feather.

Eurofeather Pillow
Eurofeather Down Pillow

Pillow Protectors

Damask protector. A 400 thread count 100% combed cotton damask stripe with concealed zipper and double stitched reinforced seams. Machine washable.

Sateen protector. A 320 thread count 100% combed cotton sateen. Concealed zipper and double stitched reinforced seams. Machine washable.

Pillow Protectors
Pillow Protectors


Satin Pillow Cases

Our Luxurious Spa Pillowcases are an everyday luxury that no woman should do without. The gentle nature of Charmeuse Satin fabric makes it an ideal addition to any hair and skin care regimen. It is gentle on your hair and smooth on your skin. 100% Woven Polyester Satin. Attractive vinyl bag included. Hand or machine wash gently in cool water with mild soap. Air or machine dry cool setting.

Satin pillow cases
Satin Pillow Cases


Sheepskin Pillows

Single and Double Sided Lambskin Cushions. Soft Dense sheepskins have been sourced from the finest flocks in New Zealand and Australia, crafted into fine woolskin leather and then cut, matched and sewn into a beautiful range of pillows.  From vibrant shades to neutrals basics, these luxuriously soft furnishings accent the home with texture and color. Sheepskin, one of natures unique fabrics, brings comfort and luxury into your life with a style and flair that complements every home.

Sheepskin Pillows
Sheepsking and wool pillows
Wool pillows

Supreme Loft Pillows
New and improved 4 hole hollow fiber with high thread count cover.

Supreme loft pillow
Supreme Loft 4 Hole Hollow Fiber Pillows

100% Wool Filled Pillows and Bedding
Sleep in comfort with 100% wool filled comforters, mattress pads and pillows with an all natural 100% cotton 233 thread count outer shell.

100% Wool Bedding, Pillows & Mattress Pads

300 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton
300 thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton. Filled with Ultima spiral spun fibers. Machine washable.

Egyptian Cotton Pillows

100% Cotton Filled Pillow
  • 100% cotton filled
  • 100% cotton cover
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Unbleached, Undyed, Chemical free
  • Antimicrobial
  • Wash: cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat

all natural pillow
All Natural 100% Cotton Filled Pillows

Satin Striped Pillows
Elegant Sable Bridal Quality woven satin striped accessories. Bridal quality Satin bedding is a woven acetate satin which is durable and soft to the feel. Pillow shams are all solid velveteen solid color.

satin striped pillows
Satin Striped Pillows

Faux Fur Leopard and Snow Leopard Pillows
Faux fur leopard and snow leopard blankets and pillows..

Faux fur pillows
Faux Fur Pillows

Squishy Soft Spongy Pillows
Heart leopard, colorful pigs, neck cradle, and cylinder shaped soft and squishy pillows.

Soft squishy travel pillows
Squishy Pillows - Variety of Styles & Colors

Memory Foam Support Pillow
his therapeutic pillow cradles your head and neck while reducing tension and providing constant comfort. The contoured shape is designed to encourage proper spinal alignment throughout the night. Premium Memory Foam ensures balanced, gentle, support and pressure relief for a sound and healthy sleep.

memory foam support pillow
Memory Foam Support

Body Pillow
Full length body support pillow.

Body Pillow
Body Pillow


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