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Goose Down - Feather & Synthetic Comforters and Pillows

Specialty Linens offers a variety of quality white goose down filled comforters and pillows with a variety of thread counts and fill power ratings. Greatest comfort is achieved with the correct level of insulation for the individual in the particular environment - not to much, not too little. A high filling power gives you that required level of insulation with minimum comforter weight, which contributes to comfort and a good restful night. Natural climate is an important factor in the quality of goose down, which is determined by the size of the "clusters". A large cluster of down traps more air and insulates better. The colder the climate, the larger the down clusters. Fill Power refers to how down clusters are measured. Large clusters loft higher and provide better insulation and breath-ability. Fill power is a measure of the quality of the down. Higher Fill Power offers greater loft and insulation, providing maximum warmth without excess weight. Hypo-Allergenic - The down is washed to remove naturally occurring dirt and dust normally found in down products.


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Natural Living Alternative Down Comforter

Eco-friendly alternative to polyester fibers. All-natural comforter with innovative Ingeo fibers made from annually renewable raw materials, such as corn. Ingeo fibers outperform polyester fibers, require less energy to produce and have a smaller carbon foot print.

Natural Living Down Alternative comforter
Natural Living Down Alternative Comforters


Ultima Supreme Alternative Down Comforter

The Ultima Supreme offers the loft and warmth of a down comforter, but with an alternative fill to down. The Ultima Supreme Comforter is filled with highly slickened and patented Ultima Supreme fiber coils that offer silky loft and breathability all year round.

Ultima Down
Ultima Supreme Alternative Down Comforters


All Natural Down Comforter

The All Natural Down Comforter is a value-priced, year-round down comforter. Entry level comforter delivers cozy comfort at an affordable price. 550 fill power is ideal for year-round warmth. It has a sewn-through diamond box design that allows the down to fully loft while preventing fill shift.

All Natural Down comforter
Value Priced All Natural Down Comforters


Light Warmth Down Comforter

The Light Warmth Down Comforter is ideal for warmer climates or those who need less warmth! A true baffle box design, with attractive three-sided Comfort Lock® border that prevents shifting.

Light Warmth Down comforter
Light Warmth Down Comforters


Medium Warmth Down Comforter

The Medium warmth Down Comforter offers an attractive three-sided Comfort Lock® border which prevents shifting, keeping down on top where you need it.

Medium Warmth Down comforter
Medium Warmth Down Comforters


Stratus Goose Down Comforters

The ultimate down comforter! The Stratus features a patent-pending design with an exceptionally fluffy look and feel. Stratus Pleats dramatically enlarge the chambers in which the down can loft, creating a visually stunning comforter.

Stratus Goose Down Comforters
Stratus Goose Down Comforters


Superloft Down Comforter

The Superlofts Down Comforter provides tufted boxs which has extra fabric that puffs out to create fluffier chambers.

Superloft Down Comforter
Superloft Down Comforters


Featherbed & Bed Toppers
Feather Bed toppers provide a more restful sleep by gently cushioning pressure points like your shoulders and hips, and relaxing muscles. 100% Cotton Barrier Weave™ fabric; HyperClean® feathers. True baffle box design.

Euro Rest Bed Toppers
Euro Rest Bed Topper

Luxe Loft Bed Toppers
Luxe Loft Bed Topper

Featherbed Bed Cover protector
Bed Topper Protector



Luxury Goose Down Filled Blankets

100% goose down filled blankets. Small mini boxes prevent shifting of the down. Shell is a 230 thread count 100% cotton with small sewn down boxes on the comforter. The boxes help prevent the fill from shifting. Pillows also available. Hypo Allergenic.

Luxury goose down or synthetic filled blankets
Down Filled Blankets


Double Down Around Goose Down Filled Pillows

This Double Down Around Pillow doffers a unique pillow-in-pillow design. The interior pillow, filled with hyperclean duck feathers, provides resilient support while the outer pillow, filled with fluffy 550-fill power duck down, gives fluffy comfort. All of this is wrapped up in 100 % cotton, 300-thread count AllerRest Fabric®.

Down Around Pillow
Double Down Around Goose Down Pillow


Down Chamber Goose Down Pillows

This patented design combines the softness and adjustability of 550 fill power White Goose Down with the support you need in a down pillow. An internal sleeve concentrates down for enhanced support through the heart of the pillow.

Down Chamber Pillow
Down Chamber Goose Down Pillow


Eurofeather Down Pillow

The Eurofeather® pillow is made with 230 thread count 100% cotton barrier weave which is specially woven to prevent feathers from sneaking out. Eurofeathers are small and soft tightly curled white goose down feathers that combine the soft down-like comfort with the natural spring of a feather.

Eurofeather Pillow
Eurofeather Down Pillow


Pillow Protectors

Damask protector. A 400 thread count 100% combed cotton damask stripe with concealed zipper and double stitched reinforced seams. Machine washable.

Sateen protector. A 320 thread count 100% combed cotton sateen. Concealed zipper and double stitched reinforced seams. Machine washable.

Pillow Protectors
Pillow Protectors


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