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Whatever Your Canopy Bedding Needs, Specialty Linens Has Just The Thing!

With so many styles of canopy beds, it can be difficult or overwhelming to decide which type of canopy bedding is for you; fortunately Specialty Linens is deeply experienced and can help you make your decision. Browse through this selection below of flat and arch style canopy bedding, and if you have any questions, be sure to contact us here.


Tie Dye Canopy Top Fantasy Eyelet Canopy Bedding Cozy Kids Canopy Bedding
Young At Heart Canopy Bedding California Kids Bedding Princess Canopy
Flower Fields Canopy Bedding Eyelet Canopy Tops Lace Canopy Tops
T-200 Solid Percale Canopy Top Isabella Blue or Pink Melissa Bedding
Bee Daisy Chloe Peach Galaxy
Petit Moi Chloe Blue Chloe Green
Chloe Antique Netting Canopies Faux Silk

High Quality, Easy Care, Solid Color Percale Canopy Bedding

This canopy top is high quality, no iron, easy care, and can come in either the flat or arch style. The canopy top has a thread count of 200, and is a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. This combination allows the canopy top to be both naturally soft, as well as having the no-iron convenience. Even after repeat washings, this canopy top will continue to last. The entire canopy top is made of the same color, and has multiple choices to pick from. The canopy top has a 12 inch drop, and 2 inch corner holes for attachment.

Flat canopy tops
Flat Canopy Top Sample

Arched style canopy tops
Arched Canopy Top Sample


Classic Eyelet Canopy Tops

Eyelet canopy tops are a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. This is a wonderful combination for a canopy top as it is very easy to maintain. The canopy top has a 12 inch drop, and 2 inch corner holes for attachment. This canopy top will fit both the standard arch, as well as the flat style canopy frames. 4 piece, solid color white, 200 thread count with sheet set to fit up to 17 inch depth (3 piece for twin size).

Classic eyelet canopy bedding
Classic Eyelet - Flat & Arch Styles


Bee Daisy

Bee Daisy adult and crib bedding and canopy tops. Wake up in a room filled with daisies on a field of bright yellow. Fresh as a daisy, this ensemble offers cheerful colors detailed with a sweet medley of flowers. 100% cotton fabrics and creative designs. Available in toddler, twin, full and queen sizes.

Bee Daisy Canopies
Bee Daisy



Galaxy canopy bedding.

Galaxy canopy bedding



Petit Moi

Petit Moi Country style in sweet shades of pink, green and cream. A wonderful fabric combination for your growing little girl. 100% cotton and machine washable.

Petit Moi canopy
Petit Moi



Toile fabric in baby blue or pink are covering this sweet romantic bed set. Pillows and a crown netting are the finishing touches for your princess. 100% cotton and machine washable.

Isabella Blue Canopy Bedding
Isabella Blue

Isabella Pink Canopy Bedding
Isabella Pink



Madeline canopy bedding. Sweet colors and classic design! Printed fabrics in soft floral designs are paired with stripes in shades of greens and pinks. 100% cotton and machine washable.

Madeline Canopy bedding


Chloe Canopy Bedding - Flat or Arch Styles

This stylish set uses crushed velvets and damask fabrics in unique shades of olive green. Accents include oodles of sheer fabric from the bed skirt to the "crowning" canopy. 100% cotton and machine washable.

Chloe Green Canopy Bedding
Chloe Green

Chloe Blue Canopy Bedding
Chloe Blue

Chloe Peach Canopy Bedding
Chloe Peach

Chloe Antique Canopy Bedding
Chloe Antique



Princess Pearl Bedding & Popsicle Pillows

Young Attitudes princess canopy bedding, ruffled canopy tops.



Princess pearl canopy bedding
Princess Pearl - Flat or Arch Style


Netting Canopies

Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes canopy netting available in pink, lavender, fuscia, white and camouflage print.

Net canopy

Camo Net Canopy
Camo Netting




Sweet Heart

Country Festival


Tie Dye Mesh Canopy Tops

Tie Dye Pastel


Lace and Eyelet Canopy Bedding

Canopy tops, 12" ruffled drop with solid white polyester/cotton blend top. Matching bed skirts & pillow shams available. Special order item. Length and width frame measurements required for flat and arch styles.

Lace and Eyelet Canopy Bedding
Lace & Eyelet - Flat or Arch Style


Eyelet Canopy Bedding by California Kids

Eyelet canopy tops for flat or arched style canopy frames.  50/50 polyester cotton blend. Colors available are: white w/pastel, pink, mint and white

California Kids Eyelet Canopies
Eyelet Canopy - Flat or Arch Style


Faux Silk Canopy Bedding

Faux Silk 100% polyester canopy tops for flat or arched style canopy frames.  Colors available are: gold, lilac, mauve, pink, sea green.

Faux Silk Canopies
Faux Silk Canopy - Flat or Arch Style

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